Homage to Mondrian by Vera Ryersbach

Brambles by Josette Lee

Untitled by Penne Tompkins

Moments by Penne Tompkins

Vermont Dreamscapes by Sally Knight

Urban Calligraphy 23 by Marilyn Gillis

Urban Calligraphy 22 by Marilyn Gillis

Something that you feel will find its own form (Kerouac) by Nina Gaby

Secret Scribbled Notebooks For Your Own Joy – (Kerouac) by Nina Gaby

Urban Calligraphy by Marilyn Gillis

Urban Calligraphy 20 by Marilyn Gillis

Child’s Play by Rebecca Boardman

The Pond in Spring by Deborah Stuart

Bound Together by Jane Ploughman

Urban Calligraphy 2 by Marilyn Gillis

Urban Calligraphy 3 by Marilyn Gillis

Oh Sweet Tomatoes by Marcia Vogler

Homage to Matisse by Vera Ryersbach

Bath Time by Debra Kraemer

A Rude Awakening by Rebecca Boardman

Homage to Henry Rousseau by Vera Ryersbach

Flower/Book by Carol Hendrickson

Homage to Jasper Johns by Vera Ryersbach

Touching Other People’s Stories by Dorsey Hogg

A Show of Hands by Marcia Vogler

Written in Stone by Ann Joppe-Mercure

Expressions in Indigo by Debra Kraemer

Nightscape by Pam Wright

Found Words, Found Words by Sally Blanchard-O’Brien

Lotus Harbor by Carolyn Shattuck

Creature Comfort by Linda Whelihan

There Are No Human Races by Rebecca Boardman

Pipsqueak’s Adventure Pop-Up Book by Diana Dunn

Pipsqueak’s Tunnel Book by Diana Dunn

Urban Calligraphy 6 by Marilyn Gillis

Urban Calligraphy 5 by Marilyn Gillis

Seachange Haiku by Nancy Stone

AT A LOSS 394: Threatened & Endangered Animals by Lynn Ocone

Medicinema by Elissa Campbell

Time Traveler’s Coat by Marcia Vogler

Legs (b) by Rebecca Boardman

Legs (a) by Rebecca Boardman

For the Birds by Carole McNamee

Bursting by Marilyn Gillis

The Nest by Marilyn Gillis

Cinnamon Sticks by Marilyn Gillis

Prayer of Peace by Ann Joppe-Mercure

The Improvable Landscape by Patricia Reilly

Bottled Up by Amy Burns

Afternoon Walk by Amy Burns

An Apple A Day by Maryann Riker

Hope Springs by Patricia Reilly

Butterflies by Marilyn Gillis

It Takes a Village by Sally Knight

Watershed by Carol Hendrickson

Fragments by Debra Kraemer

Slice of Life by Debra Kraemer

Nests by Marilyn Gillis

Forget Not by Beverly Keim

Creepy Crawlers by Josette Lee

Book Fair by Gail Martin

Circular Reasoning by Carole McNamee

Urban Calligraphy 18 by Marilyn Gillis

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