Meeting Archive


  • January: Diagonal Pocket Folder with Penne Tompkins
  • February: Belts and Belly Bands with Marcia Vogler
  • March: Two Slip Cases and a Phase Box with Rebecca Boardman
  • April: Mini Leather Journal with Tire Tracks Binding and Metal Hitch Closure with Elissa Campbell


  • January: Movable books! Pop-ups! Volvelles! Oh my!
  • February: Pop-ups and Movable books with Ed Hutchins
  • March: Tunnel Books with Dorsey Hogg
  • April: Flower Power Pop-ups! with Linda Whelihan
  • May: The Pop-ups Shadowbox Book with Kit Davey
  • June: The Zhen Xian Bao (Chinese thread box) with Diana Dunn
  • July: B.A.G. Exhibit Artists’ Talk at the S.P.A.C.E. Gallery in Burlington
  • August: Zine Swap Sharing
  • September: Flexagons and Kaleidocycles (or flextangles) with Carole McNamee
  • October: Visit to UVM’s Silver Special Collections
  • November: The 3-Dimensional Star with Dorsey Hogg
  • December: Paper Tricks – Books, Cards, and other Paper Fun


  • January: Woven Paper Hearts
  • February: Virtual visit to UVM’s Silver Special Collections
  • March: The Woven Accordion with Becky Boardman
  • April: The Woven Paper Accordion Book with Dorsey Hogg
  • May: Presentation by paper artist Karen Krieger
  • June: Crossed Structure Binding – Linked Variation, Part 1 with Elissa Campbell
  • July: Weave a House with Helen Hiebert
  • August: Crossed Structure Binding – Linked Variation, Part 2 with Elissa Campbell
  • September: The Woven Codex with Dorsey Hogg
  • October: Improvisational Weaving with Marcia Vogler
  • November: Virtual visit to UVM’s Silver Special Collections
  • December: Show and Tell – Our Year of Woven


  • January: Winter Mail Art Swap Sharing and Mennonite Foldnote
  • February: Text Me, Part 1 – Visit to UVM’s Silver Special Collections
  • March: Text Me, Part 2 – Visit to Dartmouth’s Rauner Special Collections
  • April: Text Me, Part 3 – Adding text with visiting artist Erin Sweeney
  • May: Text Me, Part 4 – Putting Our Writing into Our Books with Deborah Stuart
  • June: DIY Publishing & Zines as Art with Emma Percy
  • July: Text Me, Part 5 – Text Me! Wrap Up
  • August 14: B.A.G. Exhibit Opening at Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild
  • September: Make a Zine and Prepare to Swap!
  • October: Artists on The Art of the Book: Is it a Book?
  • November: Paper Tricks
  • December: Zine Swap Sharing














  • January: How to Judge a Book by Its Cover – The Art and History of 19th Century Book Cover Design with Kathy Roberts
  • March: Coptic Stitch with Nancy Stone
  • April: Flag Books with Penne Tompkins and Ann Joppe-Mercure
  • May: Tea Bag Folding with Gwen Morey
  • June: Monotypes with Lyna Lou Nordstrom and Katie Loesel
  • July: Paul Johnson, Guest Speaker
  • August: Illustrating and Writing Children’s Books for Publication with Bonnie Christensen
  • September: Sharing books from our exhibit at the Firehouse Gallery
  • October: Hedi Kyle’s Panel Book with Elissa Campbell
  • December: Holiday Ethnic Pot Luck and Swap & Sale


  • February: Valentines with Megan Humphrey
  • May: Altered Books with Liz Demas and Lorraine Reynolds
  • June: Hand Papermaking Workshop with Laurie Shelton
  • August: Calligraphy Fundamentals with Meta Strick
  • September: Jerry Geier, Guest Speaker
  • October: Artists Trading Cards with Liz Demas
  • November: Mixed Bag: Artist Trading Cards, Laurie Shelton talk about the Friends of Dard Hunter conference, sharing of books from our exhibit in Rutland
  • December: Holiday Ethnic Pot Luck and Swap & Sale


  • April: Sharing and Support
  • October: Movable Books with Robin Sutton
  • November: Book Arts Bingo with Emily McHugh Mitchell


  • July: Sharing Session
  • August: Collaborative Projects: A Hands-on Workshop (ex. mail art)
  • September: Sharing books from our exhibit at the Firehouse Gallery
  • October: Connell Gallagher from UVM Special Collections: The Art of the Book: From the Book of Kells to Picasso
  • November: Adhesives and Papers in Book Arts with Carolyn Shattuck
  • December: Holiday Ethnic Pot Luck, Swap & Sale, and Book Pages Exchange

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