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VT Book Arts Guild “MailB.A.G.” May 2022

2022 May 10

Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

This month’s meeting will once again be held via Zoom, an online conference program. If you’ve never attended a Zoom meeting before, check out this video – it will go over the basics of how to join a meeting.

Stay safe!

The B.A.G. Board

Woven logoIn continuing with our tradition of choosing a theme for our meetings every year, the B.A.G. Board has selected the theme of Woven for 2022.

Weaving is one of the oldest surviving crafts in history, and is an integral part of all of our lives. We wear woven clothing, we sit on woven seats, we use and admire woven baskets.

In the paper and book world, there are many examples of paper weaving, woven book covers, and woven structures. Here are a few resources to get your brain churning:

The possibilities are kind of endless!

During the meetings this year, guest presenters will guide you through techniques to get you started on your woven explorations. The simplest methods can produce exciting results and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Program: Presentation by Paper Artist Karen Krieger

Paper Weaving by Karen KriegerWe are very excited to welcome artist Karen Krieger as a presenter for our May meeting. Karen has been working with paper for over a decade after a previous career as a metalsmith. Paper weaving has become an integral and joyous part of her work since 2019 when she took a month-long class with a daily weaving practice.

She’ll share some of her finished pieces, works in progress, and paper organizing tips. She’ll discuss materials and do a demo to demystify the process so you can begin to make your own weavings.

If you plan to attend the meeting, please contact Elissa so she can send you the Zoom meeting details.

April Meeting Reflections

Hand with woven paperWoven is shaping up to be one of my favorite themes. I had a great time messing up my cuts for the woven accordion structure, even though the instruction and pdf were as clear as a bell, thanks to our presenter, Dorsey Hogg.

The technique of weaving pages together to create the accordion just opened my eyes to possibilities, and Dorsey’s own interpretations of the combination of weaving and structure were both sophisticated and approachable at the same time.

Thanks, Dorsey, for the inspiration! I am always amazed at how your mind works, and how much you accomplish. Thanks also to all of you who continue to show up and make the positivity gauge go up.

B.A.G. Library Corner

Fold it Cut it coverIs everyone else as anxious for spring as I am? After what felt like a very long winter, let’s celebrate the longer, warmer days with a spring-inspired paper-cutting design!

This project from Naomi Shiek’s Fold It & Cut It is meant to be a three-dimensional tea light lantern or party favor box, but you could incorporate the design into any project. If you have any trouble with the template, contact Sally at for a cleaner copy.

If you have ideas for books to feature or if you have a library book in your possession you’d like to share something from, email Sally at

You can check out and download the project here.

B.A.G. News

Grand Isle Art Works logo*** The Book Arts Guild of Vermont is pleased to announce our annual member show at Grand Isle Art Works! The dates of the exhibit are July 1 – July 30 and our opening reception will be on July 6.

The submission deadline is June 17 and B.A.G. members can submit up to two pieces for the show. We’ll have a space devoted to zines, and you can submit zines in addition to the two pieces, without any limit.

Ann Joppe-Mercure will be doing a workshop at GIAW in conjunction with the show. If you’re interested in doing something similar, please contact Ann at

The submission form can be downloaded here.

We’d love to have your work in the show!

Woodstock pop-up poster*** On June 10, Writers as Artists will showcase the work of award winning book artists/writers Beth Kephart and B.A.G. member Nina Gaby and award winning writer/sculptor Abigail Thomas.

The event will be held at Nancy’s Artisanal Creamery and Coffee House at 297 Tinker Street in Woodstock, NY.

*** Susan Smereka is teaching an Upcycle Journal Workshop on May 15, 2022.

Learn to take something old and make it new again! We will rebuild an old book and give it new life as a unique journal to inspire you to write and capture your precious ideas, collages, and drawings. And they make great gifts too!

You will break down an old book, and rebind it with blank pages interleaved with text from the original. Build your knowledge and skills around bookbinding as you learn the parts of a book and how to do a long stitch binding with waxed linen thread.

Whether you are new to bookbinding or not, this workshop is appropriate for all skill levels and interests. Join us for this opportunity to build your own creative journal or continue feeding your bookbinding passion!

For more information or to register, please visit Susan’s website.

Piano Hinge Album*** Elissa Campbell is teaching Piano Play at Studio Place Arts on June 6 & 7.

The spine of the intriguing Piano Hinge binding is one that is woven instead of glued or sewn – it is held together using dowels or sticks. This structure, invented by Hedi Kyle, was named because of its resemblance to the hinge of a piano lid.

In this class, you’ll learn how to construct both the basic Piano Hinge book and the Piano Hinge Album (it’s got storage pockets!). No previous experience is required, although you’ll feel more comfortable if you’ve used an X-Acto knife before.

For more information or to register, please visit the SPA website.

*** B.A.G. member Laura Lacroix is looking for someone to make a guest presentation at a class on artist books at Hazen Union School in June. If this is up your alley, please contact Laura at

Book Arts News

*** Artistree Gallery is accepting submissions for their 10th annual juried exhibit, UNBOUND: VOL X. The theme of the show is simple – art using books as a material or a format. Visitors will have an opportunity to examine curious folios, recent grimoires, tomes turned to sculpture and some works having a relation to “books” in concept only.

This exhibition is for artists working in all traditional and non-traditional 2D (wall mounted) and 3D media, who are working in Vermont or New Hampshire and are 18 years of age or older. All artwork must be original in concept, design and execution.

The deadline for submission is June 4, 2022. All submissions must be made through their online entry form.

For more information, please visit the Artistree website. Please contact with any questions.

*** Laszlo Bardos‘ website is about the fun, interesting, and beautiful side of math. Most projects are easy to make, can be completed in less than an hour, and require only a few common materials. Each project is accompanied by printable patterns, detailed directions, and a difficulty level.

Not sure where to start? Click on the Random link in the navigation bar. Happy cutting and folding!

*** Russell Maret is delivering this year’s Gillett G. Griffin Memorial Lecture at the Princeton University Libraries on May 16. The lecture, The Post-Typographic Private Press?, will be presented in person and online. To attend the lecture, please register here.

If you would like to hear the talk but won’t be able to attend at the time, please register as an online participant – a link to the recorded talk will be sent to you shortly after the 16th.

Stay-at-Home Fun

*** The Center for Book Arts is offering Soft Cover Drum Leaf with Beth Sheehan on May 23.

Created by Tim Ely, drum leaf is a simple but elegant book structure that uses folded “leaves” (pages) that are “drummed” (glued) together rather than being folded into signatures. Drum leaf book pages lay completely flat, making it an ideal book structure for artists, photographers, and printmakers in particular.

In this two-hour workshop, students will learn to fold and adhere pages to create the drum leaf textblock. Sheehan will then go over the steps for scoring and folding the drop-spine softcover. Finally, students will adhere covers to their text blocks, completing their respective books!

For more information or to register, please visit the CBA website.

*** The Minnesota Center for Book Arts is offering Sewn Binding with Guards and Self-Locking Wrapper with Karen Hanmer on May 25.

For centuries, paper has served as a quick, elegant, and economical covering material for books. This versatile material can create structures ranging from pocket notebooks to conservation friendly bindings to a case durable enough for a heavily-used manual.

In this virtual workshop, learn how to sew an exposed binding, a book structure with decorative guards that features colorful link stitch sewing and slivers of decorative paper visible on the spine. The covers are hooked around the first and last signatures before sewing, then sewn normally along with the rest of the text block. A quick-to-construct self-locking flap keeps the text block clean and secure.

This fast-paced workshop is appropriate for intermediate binders, beginners who are ready for their next challenge, and anyone who wants to add more paper cases to their bookbinding repertoire.

For more information or to register, please visit the MCBA website.

*** The Jaffe Center for Book Arts is offering Circular (Toroidal) Accordion with Stephanie Wolff on June 2.

A circle? A donut? A torus! Whatever you think of when you see this accordion, the shape has lots of fun possibilities for content, which we’ll discuss. When open, it’s donut-shaped, when folded up it’s a wedge – like a piece of pie without the tip.

We’ll draw out the form, cut and fold, and make a simple wrapper. Our focus will be on making a model that participants can use as reference for making more after the workshop. No advanced math is required, but a drawing compass is.

For more information or to register, please email John Cutrone at

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