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VT Book Arts Guild “MailB.A.G.” April 2010

2010 April 30

Next Meeting:

Wednesday May 5, 2010, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Enter by side door: Punch in the code (contact us for code). When the green light glows, pull open the door.

$5 voluntary contribution to Burlington City Arts for their education programs. (Remember, if you write a check, it can be evidence for a tax deductible contribution.)

Program: Math is Fun through the art of the book! with Judy Sgantas

Participants will do a little moveable piece and receive a sheet to cut up and assemble, as well as one to keep for reference. This is sure to be an interesting meeting as Judy has taught book arts through Community College of Vermont and even had students use math to create a paper clock! The focus of the hands-on activity will be on the concept and possibilities of incorporating math into a book arts project.

Materials to bring:

  • bone folder
  • scissors
  • double back tape
  • glue stick
  • ruler
  • compass if you have one (that’s more for the math; Judy will demonstrate)
  • mat knife
  • cutting board
  • pencil

Guild show and opening at the Creative Space Gallery, Vergennes

Click here to print out a poster and distribute for publicity.

Celebration of the Hand-made Book runs from April 29-May 30, Thursday-Sunday
At the Creative Space Gallery, 235 Main Street, Vergennes

Opening Reception: Sunday, May 2nd 1-5 p.m.

Our exhibit happens to be the first of many State of Craft Showcase Events chosen by the Vermont Crafts Council to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Big B.A.G. News!
We are delighted to announce that we have a new Chairperson of the Exhibit Committee! Elizabeth Rideout has agreed to lead us in future Guild shows; she will be henceforth known as “Gallery Gal”!

Reflections on April’s Meeting: Edible Books
Edible Books were both the topic of much conversation and the refreshments of the evening! Jill Abilock began the meeting explaining that some friends dining together in 2000 thought of the first celebration that would allow people to “play with words and eat them too”. The first year, only a few entered the April Fools Day festival but the following year the group received many inquiries and by 2004, the celebration was world-wide. Jill proclaimed that this was the first International Edible Book Festival in Burlington, Vermont!

Everyone set out their creative endeavors and then moved through the displays, trying to guess the titles, quotes or puns that the food represented. Here are some of the titles to make you groan and let you use your imagination to guess the edible presentation: “Grapes of Wrath”, “Bookworm”, “Mary Poptarts”, “Tequila Mocking Bird”, “Breadtime Stories”, “Banana Karenina Bread”, and “Trail of Two Zities: It was the best of limes; it was the Worcestshire of limes.”

Images from the meeting are available on our blog. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the names of the all of the edible book creators. If you were at the meeting and know who made the books in question, please send an Email to Elissa so she can update the captions on the blog.

Planning Ahead

June: Sharing of books from our exhibit at the Creative Space Gallery
July: No formal meeting, but there are two B.A.G. workshops (see details below):

August: Field trip to UVM Special Collections
September: Demonstration of leather bindings by Elizabeth Rideout

Members’ News
Vermont Open Studio Weekend logo*** B.A.G. members Elissa Campbell, Carolyn Shattuck, Meta Strick, and Nancy Stone are opening their studios as part of the state-wide Open Studio Weekend sponsored by the VT Crafts Council. If you want to visit fellow book artists on the Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, you can find them in the following locations:

  • Elissa: Montpelier, studio #220
  • Carolyn: Rutland, studio #107
  • Meta: Sheldon, studio #170
  • Nancy: Williston, studio #142

Remember also, that the Guild’s exhibit at the Creative Space Gallery in Vergennes is also part of Open Studio Weekend! You can find maps and directions to studios at the VT Crafts Council website. You can also download a pdf of the 2010 Vermont Open Studio Tour Guide. Please note that this is a really big file – 10.9MB.

*** Carolyn Shattuck is exhibiting her books in the following venues:

  • The Human Book: 3rd International and Itinerant Festival ILDE Artist books and small editions 2010- Barcelona,Spain. April 23- May 22.
  • Inventive Structures: Books Beyond The Codex: Creative Arts Workshop, 80 Audubon Street, New Haven, CT. Reception May 14, May 14- June 25.

*** New member: Karen Frost 3222 Greenbush Rd, Charlotte, VT 05445. (802) 425-7720, ksfrost13[at]yahoo[dot]com

Commentary on Archival Adhesives, by Nancy Stone

With our Guild show approaching, I was pulling out my hair while storming around the house going crazy over ADHESIVE DISASTERS!!! PVA wasn’t working under the circumstances. I wanted to use “Yes!” Paste because it sticks smoothly without any warping but ‘everyone’ says it is not archival, even though the label states that it is. Besides, I had just seen a large nine-year-old artist’s book that had ‘Yes!” for all the collage work without any signs of yellowing and brittleness! With exhibit delivery deadline looming, there wasn’t time to wait for responses in our chat room, so I sent e-mails to several experienced BAG members (how wonderful to have this group!!).

Amy said that her research on the web claimed that “Yes!” is a “No. No. No!!!” …but, if it works for my purposes, I should consider using it. Linda suggested that I try double-sided tape. Linda Lembke recommends GRAFIX, ARCHIVAL DOUBLE TAC ADHESIVE comes in both permanent and re-positionable varieties. Be wary, as a non-archival version is also available. Carolyn extols the virtues of double tack adhesive.

I called Artists’ Mediums, the “hardware store for artists” in Williston. Manager Chelsea said she’d been using “Yes!” for years so she personally wanted to find out about it. She tracked down the manufacturer (not easy, since only the distributer is listed on the label) and talked to a fellow who’s worked for the company for 40 years and knows “Yes!”, which has been made for about 100 years. He first asked what she thought ‘archival’ meant and then stated that “Archival” has three traits: 1. It’s removable. 2. It does not fall apart until it is removed and 3. It does not yellow. (Technically, “Yes!” does yellow mildly but it is not acidic so it will not yellow other items.). He went on to say that an artist’s book needing repair in the far future would likely have its paper damaged anyway if the adhesive needed to be dissolved with water. He stated that “Yes!” adhesive could become brittle if it’s exposed for long periods of time in the dry heat of a desert. (note: not an environment found in Vermont!) As for yellowing, that may happen if “Yes!” is used for the top layer of decoupage, but it isn’t a problem if it’s used to adhere two surfaces together. So, there you go. Sometimes “archival” brings on so much stress that it’s a relief to let some things go. However….

On a trip into the Artists’ Mediums store to pick up more supplies, I saw the archival double tack adhesive Carolyn had mentioned…right here in Williston without having to order it, and at a similar price to Dick Blick catalog, with no shipping added on! Manager Chelsea listened to my dilemma and suggested the permanent variety of double tack adhesive would meet my needs. I bought several sheets and am totally enthralled with its characteristics, much like double-sided tape but in large sheets. My book was completed in time for our show!

I am so grateful for our wonderful, knowledgeable Book Arts Guild members. And, I totally appreciate and recommend the wonderful folks at Artists’ Mediums who patiently listen to woes, go out of their way to track down truth about materials, and sometimes even call a company to check on a delivery date for ordered stock if the customer looks a little wild-eyed!! (As an aside, Artists’ Mediums is also a BAG member!)

That’s my story and I’m “adhering” to it!


Amy Lapidow handmade travel journalsUpcoming B.A.G. Workshops

*** We are pleased to offer Travel Journals – A Half-Day Workshop with Amy Lapidow on Saturday, May 8, 2010, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the home of Janet Ballantyne in Shelburne, Vermont.

Amy, of The Three Ring Binders in Somerville, MA, will teach us to construct pocket-size travel journals with a various features, such as pen loops and pockets, and closures that range from beads and button ties to magnets.

Each participant will make and embellish two journals — come join us and explore the possibilities!

Date: Saturday, May 8, 2010
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Location: Shelburne, VT (directions provided with registration confirmation)
Meals: Tea and coffee will be available, bring snacks to share if you like.
Cost: $45 (includes materials fee) There are only 10 slots available! Payment is due in full with registration to reserve a spot!
Materials: Materials to make two journals will be supplied by the instructor. Additional tools list will be supplied with registration confirmation.

To register, complete and mail the registration form (download here) and along with a check for $45 made out to Book Arts Guild of Vermont, to:
Workshop Registration, c/o Jill Abilock, 2087 Ferry Road, Charlotte, VT, 05445

For additional information, please contact Jill Abilock at jabilock[at]japanlink-trans[dot]com or (802) 735-1443.

*** The Amazing Dremel, a workshop with Jill TimmDremel 4000 rotary tool

In this creation transforming class you will learn how to use the magic tool every artist should have, the amazing Dremel tool. You will drill, cut, carve, etch, shape, polish, and grind non-traditional book making materials such as, glass, plastic, metals, wood, clay and more. You will be able to make books out of just about anything! After this class your material options will be limitless. You will try your hand at working with various materials and using several bits for different purposes and effects. As you play with materials you will be making pages for your sample book for later reference. No experience necessary.

Elissa Campbell took this workshop last year and wrote about it on her blog. You can read her posts to get an idea of the class structure:

Dates: Saturday July 31 and Sunday August 1
Time: 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (1 hour lunch break)
Location: Studio Place Arts, 201 North Main Street, Barre, VT
Class & materials fees: $200 all-inclusive. The fee includes a set of bits for the Dremel tool and materials for the class.

To register, complete and mail the registration form and along with a check for $200 made out to Book Arts Guild of Vermont, to:
Dremel Workshop, c/o Elissa Campbell, 846 Gallison Hill Rd, Montpelier, VT 05602

Spots in the workshop will be filled in the order in which the applications are received. You will receive confirmation of your registration via Email. After registration, you will be sent a list of tools to bring to the workshop.

For additional information, please contact Elissa Campbell at erscampbell[at]gmail[dot]com or (802) 229-1342.

Book Arts Opportunities:
*** Susan Bonthron/Otter Pond Bindery Book Arts events

The 2nd Annual Deer Isle Bookbinding Retreat at Conary Cove is scheduled for Sunday, August 8th through Friday, August 13th. The fee is $625, and includes room and most board, materials, printed instructions and the workshop itself. We will make gorgeous paste paper, bind a large coptic journal, learn journal-keeping techniques (in both writing and art) and have a delicious 6 days and 5 nights in a wonderful funky old house right on the water in Deer Isle near Haystack. THIS WORKSHOP FILLS VERY FAST; if you’re interested, please let me know ASAP. There is some chance a second workshop could be offered if this one is oversubscribed.

So far there is interest in the paste paper, hardbound wedding album, and the etui (Chinese sewing box) classes. I will also offer a Japanese-sidebound-book-enclosed-in-a- chitsu class.

Below is the schedule I am considering putting on-line. I wanted to run it by you first in case anyone has a pressing need for a specific class but needs a different date:

  • Saturday, May 22nd: Paste paper – Spend a delirious day making your year’s supply of this wonderful stuff. Luminaria folding lesson optional.
  • Saturday, May 29th: Chitsu and Japanese sidebound book: certificate.
  • Saturday, June 5th: Hardbound book/wedding album: Wedding Album: This is a classic hardbound book sewn on tapes, with stubs for inclusion of photos, bound using book cloth (minimally for the spine, or if you choose, the whole book), with paste paper, marbled paper or Yuzen Shi Japanese paper for covers/endpapers. Some bookbinding experience will be helpful for this class. $85 plus a $5 materials fee. The book can do double duty as a guest register and photo album. You can see an example on the Gallery page (under “Commissions” on my website. Consult with me in advance for color matching.
  • Saturday, June19th, Sunday June 20th: Etui (This class will be a day and a half long ($130 includes materials and two lunches). NEW**: The Chinese Sewing Box (Etui) Make a gorgeous Chinese box with lid that–when removed–allows the box walls to fall open, revealing needles, thimble, and other sewing treasures. This class requires some bookbinding experience. See photos attached. The skills you learn for this box are applicable to many other kinds of boxes and structures.

If you are interested in any of these classes, please let me know ASAP and I will finalize a schedule.

Thanks, everyone! (And do let me know if you want a specific class but can’t make the date above.)

Susan Bonthron, Otter Pond Bindery
Guilford, VT 05301
(802) 257-0003

*** Garage Annex School in Easthampton, MA, is very pleased to welcome Nancy Leavitt to teach here for the first time. This fine book artist and calligrapher will grace our school May 1-2 when she teaches In Search of Content: The Joys and Challenges of Creating the Book Form. Please visit Nancy’s website to see examples of her beautiful work.

Come mature as an artist! Nancy’s work is so beautiful. We need two more students to commit to this workshop in order for it to run. So if you are thinking about coming please do let us know. It would be a shame to cancel and then find out others of you intended to come. And if you have friends you think may be interested, please help spread the word!

Here are the details:
Dates: May 1-2, 2010
Cost: $250 tuition plus $10 materials

One space has opened up in Julie Chen’s workshop, Secrets of the Magic Tablet, July 12-16. If you are interested, please email me at Greta[at]GarageAnnexSchool[dot]com. Whoever contacts me first will get the go-ahead to register.

Greta D. Sibley
Garage Annex School, Inc.
One Cottage Street #5, Room 5-03
Easthampton, MA 01027
(413) 529-0070 (413) 529-0071 fax (413) 246-8599 mobile

Check out the Garage Annex School website for other classes, just over the MA border.

***Note: Please submit news for the “MailB.A.G.” at least one month ahead.

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