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MailB.A.G. November 2008

2008 December 2

Next Meeting:
Wednesday December 3, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Enter by side door: Punch in the new code (as of Sept. 8 – contact us for code). When the green light glows, pull open the door.

It is likely that we’ll be meeting on the 2nd floor classroom with access to the kitchen but that will be confirmed in the reminder mailing sent out in late November. Burlington City Arts has graciously waived the voluntary $5 donation for this meeting.

Holiday Ethnic Pot Luck/ Swap & Sale:
Pot Luck: Let’s celebrate the season and our excellent success this year with terrific pot luck for our December meeting. Last year’s dinner was a delicious assortment of appetizers, salads, main dishes, and desserts. Bring your best dish, bring your favorite dish, bring a traditional family dish, bring an ethnic dish and let’s enjoy a meal together. Plan to bring food that does not need to be reheated. Janet Ballantyne will bring plates etc.

Swap & Sale: After the good eats and conversation, we will set out displays for our Second Annual “Swap and Sale”. You are invited to bring in items that are a result of your own creativity and/or bring in materials that you no longer need, knowing that they will inspire someone else’s creativity, i.e. art papers, fabric, art supplies, overstock items, book arts specialty, magazines, etc. Decide whether your offerings will be available for swapping for someone else’s goodies and make a sign so designating that. If you have items to sell, make a sign to display your name and the price/sales tax. It should be another fun evening!

Newest New News:
*** At our recent mini-retreat, it was decided to have a little fun with new titles for chairpersons of committees.  And, the committees have new members!  Check it all out at the end of this “MailB.A.G.”

*** Elissa Campbell, our new “Tech Schmoe” has created a wonderful blog for our Book Arts Guild.  Check it out at

*** The new Planning Committee will meet at 5:30 p.m. in the Firehouse before the Dec. 3 potluck.

Reflection on the November meeting:
Even with an attendance that approached ‘standing room only’, Ann Joppe-Mercure did an amazing job of inspiring and directing us in the magic of flexagons.  Each time she held up an example before giving instructions, a wave of “ooh” and “ahhhhh” swept through the room. (When someone commented that she was keeping good control of such a boisterous group, she responded, “I teach kindergarten so anything is possible!”)  The structures can be the start of creative artists’ books or delightful holiday cards.  If anyone does so, please bring it to the next meeting!

Ann recommends the website as a source for an excellent instruction book on various paper puzzle books.

Members’ news:

Penne Tompkins has moved to South Africa for a while.  (Does this make the Book Arts Guild international now?)

She shares her new contact information:
Snail mail: 36 Brommersvlei Road, Constantia 7806  South Africa (or RSA)

Carolyn Shattuck exhibited work at the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Nov. 8-9 in Baltimore, MD.  She suggests that it could be an opportunity for B.A.G. members to collaborate on a shared booth to sell book arts and network with others sharing our passion.

Book Arts Opportunities:
*** Susan Bonthron’s fall schedule for book arts classes is posted on her website: (click on Schedule).  As usual, all classes are $85 and include a delicious lunch and printed instructions. 15% discount for more than one family member. *$20/kit.  Contact her at Susan Bonthron, Otter Pond Bindery, 108 South Belden Hill Road, Guilford, VT  05301  (802) 257-0003

*** The Bonefolder can now be downloaded at

Table of contents:

  • Limp bindings from Tallinn– Monica Langwe Berg
  • An Overview of Fibers, Yarns, and Textiles for the Book Artist – Amanda Thompson and Anna Embree
  • Thinking by the Book – Wendy Strauch-Nelson
  • Colours of Persia: The Making of a Book – Susan Allix
  • The Simplified Binding Examined – Laura Wait
  • Big Books: Constructing a Four Foot Springback – Charlene Matthews
  • Modified for Re-use: Broken Ledger Bindings become Ledger Enclosure – Karen Jones
  • 2008 Bind-O-Rama – A look back on techniques introduced in The Bonefolder
  • Book Reviews
    • English Bookbinding Styles 1450-1800, David Pearson – Chela Metzger
    • A Companion to the History of the Book, Simon Eliot and Jonathan Rose, editors– Donia Conn
    • The Changing Book: Transitions in Design, Production, and Preservation, Nancy E.Kraft and Holly Martin Huffman, editors – Peter D. Verheyen

Book Arts Guild of VT chat room:

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