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MailB.A.G. October 2008

2008 October 16

Next Meeting:
Wednesday November 5, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Enter by side door: Punch in the new code (as of Sept. 8 – contact us for code).  When the green light glows, pull open the door.
$5 voluntary contribution to Burlington City Arts for their education programs.

Paper Puzzle Books facilitated by Ann Joppe-Mercure:
Our November meeting will be a hands-on workshop to learn three simple yet amazing flexagon structures.  These books are part toy, part book and all magic.  A flexagon is a paper form that can be folded or opened to reveal hidden pages.  We will learn a woven accordion flexagon that reveals two hidden pages, a rectangular flexagon that revels four hidden pages and a square flexagon with pages that never end.

The structures will amuse young and old alike and can easily be applied to making delightful holiday cards.

Materials to bring: bone folder, scissors, glue sticks, and decorating materials such as colored pencils, stamps, paper scraps….

Reflection on the October meeting:
Elissa Campbell taught members a unique swing-panel book that was developed by Hedi Kyle.  She adapted the swivel panel dimensions to suit Artist Trading Cards but the structure could be used for many other applications.  It was a fast paced, detailed activity enhanced by Elissa’s clear instructions and organization.  Again, we are so very lucky to have such gifted members share their expertise!

Reflections on the planning potluck:
About 11 members attended the mini-retreat at Janet Ballantyne’s home to assess where the Guild is as it approaches its 3rd anniversary and membership stands at 220.  There is much to share once the brainstorming dust settles; details of new committee members, programs, and ‘dreams’ will be given in upcoming MailB.A.G.’s.  Until then, here is a list of things mentioned at the meeting as “amazing things we’re doing well”:

  • Our exhibits motivate us to produce books.
  • People express a welcoming atmosphere even on the first visit.
  • There is a nice comfort level of attending/participating when people choose.
  • The opportunity for members to present programs comes with light pressure but also spurs professional growth for the presenter as well as for those attending.
  • The Guild is so responsive to all kinds of speakers and ideas.
  • Some of our members have nationally recognized expertise or have studied with such experts and share their experiences.
  • It’s remarkable that we don’t have dues.  The voluntary $5 donation to Burlington City Arts helps with children’s scholarships.  It’s a great collaboration with BCA placing info about our group on its website, co-sponsoring guest speakers and hosting exhibits.
  • The Guild has members from all over the state as well as two from out of state.
  • It’s nice to have young members who have had recent training in book arts in college etc.

Reflections on the Carol Barton workshop:
About 10 members worked with Carol on the two-day session to create 100 Studio Protectors, prototypes of a pop-up wall chart that offers emergency preparedness/disaster survival for visual and performing artists. Our own Elissa Campbell is Office & Information Systems Manager of the Craft Emergency Relief Fund, based in Montpelier, VT.  Elissa arranged for a lovely workspace at Barre’s Studio Place Arts, meals at a nearby health-food co-op, getting all the materials prepared and making the experience fun and productive.  Carol was very gracious, sharing tips on book edition production as we worked on the various tasks of folding, gluing and installing the many parts.  We learned that the participants will be getting a complimentary copy of the final Studio Protector!  We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with Carol Barton!  Be sure to check out her nifty website; there is even a political popup for putting your candidate into the White House! (But, be sure to vote too!)

New members:
Eileen Caffry
Lynn Feldman
Jen Kristel
Brittney Pearl Haynes
Heidi Orndorff
Susan Thomas

Book Arts Opportunities:
*** From Maryann Riker:
I thought I’d pass this on…check it out…it may be of interest to the group…

September 3, 2008 © ARLIS/NY

*** From the Garage Annex School, Easthampton, MA:
There may still be space in the last workshop of the year, Daniel Kelm’s Gold Tooling on Leather Spines and Spine Labels. Please consider joining us November 8 and 9.

It’s busy around here. In addition to revamping our web site, we are developing our workshop schedule for 2009 as well as a new summer program that will begin in 2009: a six-week leather intensive! We hope to have the specifics ready for your review before long.

Greta Sibley, Co-director of the Garage Annex School
Garage Annex School, Inc.
One Cottage Street #5
Easthampton, MA 01027
(413) 529-0070
(413) 529-0071 fax

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  1. October 17, 2008

    this looks fantastic!! great job Elissa!!!

  2. October 17, 2008

    Glad you like it!

    This is just the beginning…I plan to make a banner with images from our meetings and the Burlington exhibit. I just threw the autumnal scene up there for now.

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